GNOME Debian Package Manager

GDPM is GNOME-based graphical manager for Debian packages. It aims to fully replace command-line tools apt-get, apt-cache and dpkg by offering easy way do install, remove, upgrade and browse Debian packages.

GDPM is written, maintained and copyrighted (C) 2003 by Krzysztof Luks


GNOME Debian Package Manager version 0.0.4 released
    m00se - 2003-04-03 13:18   -   GNOME Debian Package Manager
Improved package filter, packages are no longer displayed as tree. Some small UI tweaks.
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GNOME Debian Package Manager version 0.0.3 released
    m00se - 2003-03-30 11:59   -   GNOME Debian Package Manager
This release features new package details dialog and introduces custom tree model. Multiple packages can no longer be selected in treeview.
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Version 0.0.2 released
    m00se - 2003-03-29 05:32   -   GNOME Debian Package Manager
GDPM can now display detailed information about selected packages.
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Version 0.0.1 released
    m00se - 2003-03-29 05:28   -   GNOME Debian Package Manager
First public release. Only package browsing works right now. Required packages (Debian SID): python2.2, python-apt, python-gtk2, python-glade2, python-gnome2.
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